Vinyl Siding

Protect Your Home with Vinyl Siding from Giancola Aluminum


Vinyl siding looks fantastic, and it’s an excellent way to improve the value of a home. With help from Giancola Aluminum, you can quickly add vinyl siding to any new or pre-existing residential property.

Some of the advantages of vinyl siding from Giancola Aluminum include:

  • Durability - Our vinyl siding is made from extruded polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which offers superior protection from dents.  It doesn’t rust or deteriorate, and it’s virtually maintenance free– a perfect way to protect your investment.
  • Weather Protection - Sunlight can gradually damage any home, but our vinyl siding’s UV protectors effectively prevent fading.  It also protects against salt, snow, and rain.
  • VinylSiding-2Energy Efficiency – Our siding uses a backing board that reflects heat back into your home, improving its energy efficiency.
  • Improved Home Value - If you’re looking for a functional improvement for a residential property, you’ve found it; vinyl siding is one of the best remodeling options for Ontario homes.

By working with Giancola Aluminum, you’ll get tremendous results.

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