Stop Rain and Snow from Damaging Your Home 


Rainwater can pose a serious threat to your home, flooding your basement or damaging your siding.  In some cases, excessive moisture can cause problematic mold growth or erode your foundation.

High-quality rainware helps to prevent these types of issues, and Giancola Aluminum has the advanced products you need to protect your property. 

We offer aluminum and high-end copper guttering with expert installation, and as Ontario’s leading rainware specialists, we can help you create a low-maintenance system for any type of home.

Some of the advantages of our services include:

  • Rainware-2Property-Specific Design - We customize each project, taking your property features and rainfall averages into account before starting work.
  • Quality Materials – Whether you choose aluminum or copper, you’ll get quality rainware that won’t chip or fade, and we manufacture our own aluminum products in an advanced facility.
  • Consistent Results – We have experience with thousands of properties and always take steps to provide functional and visually attractive results.

Our team can quickly design and install a guttering system that provides adequate protection from rain and snow melt, and because we offer comprehensive warranties, you’ll get exceptional value for your investment.

Work with A Trusted Leader!
Whether you need aluminum or high-end copper rainware for your home, we’re ready to help you get started. Call us today or fill out our form to have an expert call you to discuss your project.

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